DG Roboto Machine Price without tax: 7,995.00

DG Roboto Fully-automated counter-top system that moves each of your discs through every stage of the repair process. Sophisticated high-scale machine capable of repairing hundreds of discs per day while remaining simple to use. Minimal user involvement and knowledge make it perfect for companies with low staff or those with not enough hours in the day!

Size : 40x50x38 cm
Weigh : 20 kg
Estimated weekly number : 500 disc/week

Roboto Consumable Pack

Roboto Consumable Pack
Pack of consumable materials for the Roboto machine. The pack incluide 5x Polish Cartridge, 5x pair of pads, 1x Machine cleaning cartridge. The package is for 2500 minutes. It is app. for 500 scratched discs.
Price without tax: 240.00

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