TDR OneStep Electronic Price without tax: 2,490.00

OneStep Electronic TDR One Step Electronic is the ideal solution for both starting a new repair business and upgrading from micron-paper based disc repair machines. This machine is identical to our best-selling TDR One-Step, with the added convenience of an electronic timer control and readout. The timer function features two user programmable presets, and electronic usage counter. It's small case will fit on virtually any counter top, and requires no plumbing or external bottles. Just plug it in and you're ready to go! TDR One Step fixes even the deepest scratches, and leaves the disc surface looking truly brand new!

Size : 30x32x25 cm
Weigh : 18 kg
Estimated weekly number : 250 disc/week

OneStep Consumable Pack

OneStep Consumable Pack
Pack of consumable materials for the OneStep machine. The pack incluide 2x bottle of polish, 1x Pad and cloth&spray. The package is for 1000 minutes. It is app. for 250-500 scratched discs.
Price without tax: 89.00