Offer a DVD repair service to your customers!

How many people in your area have scratched discs? How many of your customers have scratched discs in their car? If you are a video rental shop or sell secondhand CDs & DVDs you have many potential customers for this service. Many people have lots of scratched discs but don‘t know that they can be repaired. We have special promotional products which can help you. Introduce your new service with these marketing materials. Just ask about our marketing packs.

Plakát + Stojan

Banner and stand

Go big with our large digital printed banner 60x160cm. You can use it either free standing or without the stand as a poster.
Price without vat: € 25.00

Leták A6

Flyer A6

The small flyer is suitable for the counter and customers can help themselves.
Price without vat: € 0.04

Leták A4

Flyer A4

The big flyer is for the window display, on the wall or the door to your shop.
Price without vat: € 0.20

Leták DVD

Round flyer

These can be put in the DVD or CD case below or over the disc so that your customer takes information about your disc repair service home with them! The reverse is printed with a small joke like “This DVD is not an ashtray“ or “This DVD is not a coaster“!
Price without vat: € 0.04

DVD Přebal

DVD Insert

This insert is the same size as a DVD case. Place it in with the DVDs on the shelf to advertise your service.
Price without vat: € 0.08